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The Sleep Academy offers courses from Newborn up to 4 yrs old - so whatever the age sign up to get instant access to a e-sleep plan that actually works!

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What you'll get from the Sleep Academy!

  • In the courses for ages 4 months upwards you’ll find 6 short videos broken down in easily digestible chunks that walk you through all the different stages of my advice to get your child sleeping better.
  • All you need to do is to download the plan, watch the videos and then get started!
  • The plan and the videos have been written in plain english to make it easy to understand, especially if you are feeling a little sleep deprived!
  • The plan is written to take between 10-14 days but you should start seeing improvement over the first few nights!
  • We’ll talk all about what’s going wrong and what to do about it, your bedtime routine, how to settle your child (in the best way for you and not crying it out!), what to do around night wakings, daytime and my flexible framework and then how to handle other bits and pieces.
  • Plus you also get UNLIMITED support! You can ask your questions directly to me and get a response back within 24 hrs.
  • AND once you click the button and start the approach you'll get a daily email from me to encourage and support you on your journey!

If you have a newborn you'll be able to access my simple and straightforward newborn sleep guide which helps you set yourself up with great sleep habits.

Plus you also get a load of bonus content in the plan, early rising, clock-changing, travelling advice etc etc

I love helping people improve their sleep. After working with lots of parents I started this up as I knew that not everyone can afford a 1-1 service, but I looked at what others were offering and I was a bit disappointed with what I saw.

There were long winded plans with too many options and not enough support and flexibility for parents.

My approach is simple, I want you to understand what might be causing your child’s sleep issues and then I want to give you the tools and tips and tricks to solve them.

But I also want you to have support along the way which is why you’ll receive an email every day from me and be able to ask questions.

And all of this for just £45! (or £25 for the newborn plan)

So come and join in, you’ll instantly get access to the Academy and everything you need to make improvements on your child’s sleep!

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How will the Sleep Academy help you?

When you join the Sleep Academy you'll get all the following benefits immediately!

  • Learn all about the component parts of children's sleep

  • Work out where you might need to make improvements to your child's sleep

  • Get the right and accurate information to make improvements

  • Find out about the strategies to help your child settle better

  • Work through a simple process to help your little one settle better and sleep for longer.

  • Enjoy more rested nights and days!

Certified Sleep Consultant

  • Kate Cohen

    Kate Cohen

    I'm Kate, proud Mum to two young children who both at various stages had big problems sleeping during the day and through the night. After reaching out for help, it all changed. We all discovered the ability to sleep well through the night and the whole house is now a much happier, calmer place! Now as a Certified Sleep Consultant and member of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants, I am here to help families with their sleep issues for children of all ages. My approach is simple and my aim is always to give children the skills to settle themselves to sleep, whether at bedtime, the middle of the night or nap time.

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  • Download the Plan

    There is a sleep plan for all ages, written so it's easy to understand and packed full of advice to cover all situations.

  • Watch the videos

    Once you have the plan, sit down with a cuppa and watch the videos which explain it all to you so that you have a full understanding!

  • Start your journey

    When you are ready start your journey to better sleep, but remember you are not alone. You'll have 2 months of access to the discussion boards to ask any questions.

Sleep Time Baby Customers

Deborah McRae

So Easy to Follow

Deborah McRae

We would definitely recommend Sleep Time Baby. The plan was so easy to follow and it really worked for our family. The plan was tailored to our family situation. Our baby responded very well to the plan and there was no crying it out method which was something we didn’t want to do. Communication and support was amazing from Sleep Time Baby. We cannot rate Sleep Time Baby enough.
Lucy Curtis

Best Decision We Ever Made

Lucy Curtis

Getting help from Kate is the best decision we have ever made. Our 2.5yo had never slept through. Waking 5 or 6 times, only falling asleep with me by her side, night bottle, 2 hour exhausting battles at bedtime...the lot! I hadn't slept in my own bed for about a year! Since Kate did the sleep plan for us, our little girl now loves bedtime. She sleeps through and if she does wake....if ever, she self settles immediately!

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